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Waiting for first audio submission...

2009-06-13 13:05:36 by Sociocognitivist

I'm curious ... how long does it normally take the volunteer staffers to approve first-time audio submissions? I've been waiting 2 days ... this seems a tad sluggish to me. Not be a little bitch about it, I'm just befuddled.


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2009-06-13 13:14:04

Probably a while. I mean they have to check if it's stolen then if it's offending. Plus there's a bunch of other people submitting audio.


2009-06-13 13:17:14

I'm not sure. I actually dont remember how long it took mine. i think it took less that 2 days though. be patient i guess?


2009-06-14 21:33:05

it could take a while, up to three weeks, sorry to say. just have to be patient, after that it's smooth sailing

Sociocognitivist responds:

Thanks. lol.